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What is the MLM Board Plan and How it Works

The Board Plan is a 2X2 Matrix and is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan or Matrix Cycle Plan as it always follows the sponsor Board/Matrix Cycle. The Board Plan is an exclusive system that makes your success certain and gives you a chance to receive remuneration from the effort of all the board members.

When the Board/Matrix Cycle entries are completed a specific member will be entitled to receive a commission every time. Here we discuss a few points which will guide a beginner select an excellent Board/Matrix Cycle Plan. Efficient and fully featured MLM software can facilitate anyone to create reliable affiliates online.

How does MLM Board Plan work?
Once you have joined the Board Plan, a blank board is given which is required to be filled with a few columns in coordination to the entry of your associates. The dimension of columns may vary with respect to the companies. The commission is rewarded with the completion of columns with the associates.

In board-plan sponsorship is limited to two member legs on your first level and your downline is also constrained to two level depths. That is, this plan allows sponsoring two members on the first level and four on the second level. In total, provides a full or completed Matrix Cycle of 6 people.

MLM companies generally collect a one-time joining fee from every distributor, which is a commission in the case of Board MLM Plan. But, at the time of completion of the matrix cycle by the allocation of 6 members in the network, Board-plan MLM companies usually pay out a compensation of two times that of joining fee. The admin panel has the authority to set the commissions, like 100$.

Here is an example that will help us understand better how a Board Plan/ Matrix Cycle Plan works.

2 members on your first level (1, 2) + 4 members on your second level (3,4,5,6) = 6 members in your matrix= 1 CYCLE = $100

1 completed matrix of 6 people Position (3,4, 5, 6) are filled, Position (1) is permanently removed from that Board. Then take the remaining 6 position and divide them into 2 new boards. Position 2 and Position 3 are now both 1 on 2 new boards. The matrix is always filling left to right (3, 4, 5, and 6) and also always follow the sponsor board. This process is then repeated. The remaining 3, 4, 5, 6, positions create 2 new boards.

Here are a few features that we include in our Board Plan Software

Board/Matrix Cycle Plan commission setting
View Boards
Search board
View board Commission

Following are the compensations and commissions for MLM Board Plan.

Referral bonus
The referral bonus or commission is in fact calculated taking into account the number of sales and as if all the plans this MLM plan even provides a commission to the users for all the sponsoring or referrals.

Matching Bonus
Bonus received for the downline members will be straightforwardly advantageous to their corresponding sponsor.

Level Commission
In the Board MLM Plan, the level commission is just the right option where the users with active downline members will gain quality amount as a bonus. The commission depends on the sales accomplished by the downline members.

Position Bonus
Similar to the matrix MLM plan, even the members can receive the bonus after adding new members to the downline. Also, the completion of the goals allows every sponsor to earn an attractive bonus.

Board Plan Completion Bonus
As the name suggests you receive this bonus by completing the plan of the board MLM software which is said to be one of the best MLM software plans.

The MLM Vibes Board Plan is one of the most rewarding plans that you can opt. Also, the MLM Vibes Board plan software helps you have a completely sorted and organized business structure.

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