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Bitcoin Integrated MLM Software
MLM Vibes: The Promising Bitcoin Integrated MLM Software

MLM Vibes has been in the business for quite some time now. The multiple plans offered by MLM Vibes has made it one of the most favorite MLM software for the MLM business owners. MLM is constantly looking forward to improving itself and is looking for new things that it can offer its clients that can bring them an enhanced MLM software experience. With the same quest for innovation, we have come up with the Bitcoin Integrated MLM software with which you can directly exchange the cryptocoins for Bitcoin or vice-versa.

Bitcoin has gained immense prominence in the past year or two. It has become popular and has one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the market. Back in 2016, Bitcoin has been added to the latest integration and it gained a great prominence over the entire customers/users in the MLM marketing world as a payment option. MLM Vibes was quick enough to adopt it and integrate it into our existing software.

What exactly is Bitcoin and the must-knows about it!

Introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency with one of the finest technology to enhance every online business in multiple ways. It is considered as the most popular cryptocurrency that has got a wide range of appreciation from the online users. Bitcoin lets you make the peer-peer transaction from any part of the world without any third party involvement.

Bitcoin is not limited to any single organization, in fact, it has got many contributors across the globe and through mining process, this Bitcoin is produced. Bitcoin is not governed by any particular regulating body.

There are few other features of Bitcoin:

– It’s open source
– Available for public
– No centralized body to rule
– High payment security offered
– Available for multiple purposes etc.

With a humble start but with a wide range of usability factors, Bitcoin has been a revolution since its inception over the Bitcoin network marketing world.

There are multiple advantages of using such an advanced cryptocurrency in multi-level marketing business as an official Bitcoin software.

Few of them are:

–  It’s pretty simple to handle and the working nature also prevails to be excellent.
– The ease of transaction makes it sought after payment option over other payment options.
– The security deals more with the blockchain technology, one of the most advanced distributed ledger system where the information/data is stored in the form of blocks.
– As it is distributed the connected blocks in the network also has to verify the transaction and then only so-called “transaction” will be tagged as “complete transaction”.
– Even if it is public, it is very much secure because of the advanced cryptography process.
– Cost-effectiveness is yet another advantage of having Bitcoin as a payment gateway. It involves minimum transaction charges as these transactions are processed through blockchain technology and no other body like banks or financial institutions are involved.
– Timely transfer and a quick transaction is another important factor.

With these benefits, it is no surprise that Bitcoin has become one of the most commonly used exchange platforms.
Understanding the ease and utility of Bitcoin, MLM Vibes has integrated it in all of its MLM plans and their respective software.

To know more about the Bitcoin integration and Bitcoin wallet, visit our website or just buzz us and we will be happy to walk you through it thoroughly.

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