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The 9 Must Have Features in the MLM Software

The Multi-level marketing software brings ease to the MLM business. The software gives multiple options that make it easy to organize and streamline a business. Multiple business plans, e-Commerce, replicated website and other unique features makes switching to an MLM software a must do.

The MLM Vibes MLM software is exceptional as it includes a complete range of MLM plans. The Multi-level marketing software is the best thing that has happened to the MLM industry and it can benefit any Multi-level marketing company.

Our MLM Software features include new interesting systems like e-wallet system, payments, distributor management, sales report generation, etc.

Let’s take a brief look at the other unique features the MLM Vibes MLM software has:

1. Fast, secure and reliable

Our MLM Software is considered as the fastest, reliable, secure and one of the most agile MLM software, when it comes to manage your MLM business. We have strong level of security which makes it almost impossible for any malfunctioning of the business.

2. International support

With MLM Vibes MLM Software, Multi-level marketing or Network marketing business will truly have an International support. The members can join from different regions and countries can join the business easily. Our back office software will support multiple languages, multiple currencies and so on.

3. Strong Backup System

We provide a highly secured backup option which keeps your data and business safe even if any security problem is encountered with your site.

4. Multi Currency

Multi-currency is another additional feature provided by the MLM Vibes MLM Software. Our software allows you to do your business in the currency you wish to. The currency can also be converted according to the user requirement.

5. User- friendly Dashboard

MLM Vibes gives you a clean and user-friendly dashboard with a complete system overview, where every option is placed neatly for easy access. It helps easy navigation for easy operations.

6. Multi user– Role management

With this unique feature, you can set the authority level to a different level of management like Admin, Member, Operator, Franchise, Employee, and Customer.

7. E-commerce Shopping Cart

We deliver integrated, customizable web-based online shopping cart solutions for companies of all sizes, on an easy-to-learn and manage systems.

8. Multi Language

We provide multiple language support for our MLM software based on the customer’s requirement. We now provide language support in English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano and Chinese.

9. Free instant demo

MLM Vibes now provides free MLM Software Demo. Try our software and understand it better by gaining a firsthand experience.

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