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MLM Vibes: The Revamped Us!

The trends in the market are ever changing. Though it is necessary to be in sync with the current trends in the market, it is practically impossible to follow each and every of it! But at the same time, stagnancy is bad for any brand! Considering all of these factors, we decided to do our own research and study and decided that we needed a makeover. Who doesn’t enjoy the change!

With all the market study and the buyer behavior we came up with our own set of changes and worked on them. A thorough study and a proper market knowledge being at our disposal, we could accomplish and bring to you the new MLM Vibes in the shortest time possible.

So what is the new MLM Vibes all about?

The New Color: The color is the first element that is noticed. It is the first impression of any brand and the website. The pleasing the colors, the better the experience. And keeping in mind these factors we felt the need of the change in the brand color. Using the gradient of pink and orange, it was a risk worth taking. And expectedly enough, it turned out the way we had imagined it to be. The colors brought freshness and appeal to the website and also gave it a vibrant look.

The New Logo: This was the perfect time for us to evaluate our company’s logo to ensure it was in sync with who we are and the way we are growing. After careful consideration, we chose a new logo that represents MLM Vibes as the best network marketing software solution company, but with a more modern look that captures the company’s future direction. The circle graphically depicts the network, which is continuous. The tiny elements represent the people joining the network. The white color of the logo denotes that we are adaptable and can customize as per the client requirement.

MLM Vibes - MLM software

The logo, on the whole, represents MLM Vibes as your technology and growth partner. We are proud to announce the launch of a new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand.

The New Features: Just changing the look is not always enough and we know that. Along with our appearance, we have also improvised on the features of our products. Now you get more in the same package. Let’s take a quick look at the new features.

Just having a website doesn’t work anymore, you should know what happens to it. We give you the full Google analytics of the user behavior and the activity that happens on the website.

It is one major feature as MLM business has a wide and international scope. Multiple currency features make it easy to transact in different currencies.

You can configure everything. Right from the plans, compensations, rank advancement rule, etc. in the MLM system. The business management team can change the compensations any given time.

We have ready-made integrations with all the popular payment options and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. that supports multiple payment options based on the business integrations.

Visit today and catch the glimpse of the new website and logo.

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