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Its All About the MLM Help Plan Software

In the strict significance of the name, the Helping Plan is about helping different organizers like giving them a donation or gift. The Helping Plan which is otherwise called Gift or Donation Plan is generally honed in different MLM programming organizations. It is one of the well-known plans accessible in the MLM business.
In any case, as a rule, the Helping Plan is considered as a plan to help other people than an MLM design. The organizers who joined the Helping design have been to a great extent profited as far as acquiring colossal benefits in a relatively limited capacity to focus. Regularly, the MLM Helping Plan or the MLM Gift Plan implies, when the organizer helps another organizer and receives various assistance from others consequently.

MLM Vibes is that MLM software company that has a group who has a mastery in planning and growing such MLM Helping Plan Software. The MLM Vibes’ Helping Plan Software is stuffed with different highlights like creating auto or manual reports, transferring receipts, and so on.

The MLM Helping Plan software is useful in multiple ways. It helps in keeping track of the donors and give them timely benefits. The Helping software is furnished within itself to give the user complete usability and utility. Using the MLM Vibes Helping Plan Software you can provide help as well as get help.

Advantages Of Helping Plan Software

Helping Plan has a variety of points of interest and is hugely well known in India and other Asian nations.

Donor Management: The software helps you keep a check on the donors. You can track the donations made and also manage the donors. This helps in getting an overview of the door profile.

View at A Glance: View the donors at a glance and track the donations they make. Also, record all the details and view all the input and output of the donations that take place.

Manage Storage Fund: Keep a track of the funds that are in surplus and plan its allocation as and when required. Once you are aware of what you have it becomes easier to manage the funds.

Manage Help Link Auto or Manual:
Generate a link automatically or manually through which donors can provide help to the needy and earn profits for themselves.

Manage One to Many and Many to One Request Send Help Link: Generate a link through which one can donate to multiple people or a link through which multiple donors can help a single person in need.

Bank Receipt upload facility: Upload the bank receipt after you receive the payment.

The MLM Vibes Helping Plan is power packed with multiple features. These features help in achieving the complete utility of the MLM Helping plan software.

The Features Are:

User-Friendly Interface:
The interface of the software is extremely easy to use and understandable to people. This brings the ease of use.

24/7 Tech Support:
Queries can be raised from the software and immediate tech support will be available.
Web-based Application: Having a web-based application helps you access the software where you have a connectivity to the internet.
Accuracy & Consistency: Using the software makes the task easy and brings accuracy and consistency than when done manually.
Multiple Secure e-wallets: Get an e-wallet which is secure and safe to use.
Payout Statement: Generate a payout statement and get a complete idea as to how the funds are being utilized.
MLM Report Generation: Get a complete summary of the joining of the donors or the utilization of the funds and get a complete report to understand it better.

You think all these features in one software is too good to be true, call us and get a free software demo and see it yourself, to believe it.

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