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Impact of Blockchain Technology On The Way We Do Business

As per the studies were done by the experts, the future of blockchain technology will be a lot more than Bitcoin. Blockchain technology will have an impact on every chief area of business from accounting to operations, and there’s proof that the revolution has already begun.

So what is Blockchain Technology and why it is touted as the future of business?

Much like a stock ledger, a blockchain is an electronically distributed ledger or list of entries. It is a network that various participants maintain via a network of computers. Blockchain uses cryptography to process and verify transactions on the ledger. Transparency, efficiency, and trust in information-sharing are improved with encryption and coding.

These benefits and advantages have got the companies to rethink and reconsider their strategies for the digital age. Here we have listed three ways by which blockchain technology is altering the way we do business

  1. Accounting

The challenges of managing business operations in distant locations are multiple, and the need for precision and accuracy is vital. Accounting is the textbook case study for a business field that stands to benefit from blockchain technology.  Blockchain technology can more efficiently manage all of the above.

The transparency of Blockchain technology gives visibility to all transactions for approved users, and this can decrease auditors’ work with sampling and validating transactions. But this allows auditors more time to focus on controls and investigating irregularities. In the meantime, opportunities are rising for CPAs to use blockchain technology as they expand their assurance services to areas such as cybersecurity and sustainability.

  1. Advertising and Marketing

Researchers predict the advertisers may lose an enormous amount of money to the fraudulent activities in the near future. The technology fundamental to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can significantly help reduce the “click fraud,” ensuring that marketing and advertising executives reach their target markets.

The principles of blockchain were historically developed to prevent fraud in banking that can be applied to programmatic media buying. By using the system to check and administer budget spend, advertisers can track investment from the initial transfer of the media budget to the final publication of creative with the media owner, reducing the risk of overcharging and underperformance.”

  1. Human Resources

Blockchain technology will affect payroll, with the maximum impacts on multinational corporations or businesses with foreign employees. The technology can easily handle the back-end work to simplify and standardize payments in multiple currencies.

Blockchain technology will soon modernize hiring that will allow HR professionals to quickly verify credentials of job candidates and existing employees. The blockchain systems can potentially reduce the chances of third-party companies providing imprecise historical data about a candidate or existing employee since those individuals would have greater input and control over data that’s already been verified by multiple parties.

Blockchain technology thus has brought a radical change in the systems and is well accepted by the people. It is imperative to see the exciting opportunities it gets with itself at multiple levels.


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