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How MLM Binary plan Software Help You Grow Your Business?

The richest people in the world look for and build NETWORKS, others are just looking for a JOB!” says the famous author Robert Kiyosaki, which is nothing but true as network marketing is the next big business model that is grounding its feet in the market.

When you build a network you are more likely to earn yourself a lifestyle than just earning a living. MLM Vibes is the MLM software company from Pune that is your answer to all your MLM software needs. The highly efficient team and the competitive features that are loaded in the MLM Vibes makes it the best MLM software available in market.

Apart from its promising features what makes MLM Vibes stand out, is the different plans it has to offer its customers depending on the customer requirements. One such useful plan of MLM Vibes is the Binary Plan.

The Binary Plan of MLM Vibes is the simplest and the most useful plans. Going by its name, Binary, this plan is the payment arrangement for the permits marking 2 merchants.

So how it actually works?

It starts with 2 people, typically called as 2 legs, left and right, joining at the primary or the principal level. These two legs then have a subtree which grows under the left or right subtree. This is how a binary plan tree typically grows and where one subtree is known as a Power Leg or Profit Leg while the second subtree is a weak leg.

Binary Plan lets each member recruit and sponsor two other members to join the plan which leads to fast expansion of the plan in comparatively less time. The Binary Plan will always have two legs, the left one and the right one.


Easily Comprehendible : The ease of understanding and execution makes it the most desirable MLM software plan. The 2*2 matrix keeps it easy and simple.

Fast Expansion : As each member has to recruit only 2 members the growth happens fast and mostly without any hassle.

No restriction on the depth : You can build your network to any depth you wish to as there is no restriction on the bottomline recruitment. The more the bottomline recruitment the more the profit
earning for the upline.

The SpillOver protocol : Getting a new member that is shared between the upline in the power leg, mutually benefits and encourages everyone to attempt to recruit new members and extend the binary plan.

So what is it that you are still waiting for? Get in touch with MLM Vibes now, for the best MLM Binary Plan software

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