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Types of MLM Software
Different Types of MLM Plan Softwares & Its Features

Different types of MLM software are required for different MLM needs. MLM Vibes has an array of different plans with different software solutions that are suitable for different needs. One can choose on the basis of what their needs are and opt for them accordingly.


1. Binary Plan Software:
Binary Plan is a remuneration arrangement for the permits marking 2 merchants. The binary plan system is circulated under 2 individuals who join at the principal level. The binary plan has two sections – left and right and continues to encourage the comparative design. However, this system has a settled width, it has no confinements of profundity that a merchant can use to manufacture his system. Generally, when another wholesaler joins he settles down under his support. That being said, if there are more than 2 new merchants, at that point they would not have a place. Yet at the same time, they can be related to the system and this is known as spill organize. The side which has more individuals is known as the Power leg and the one with fewer individuals is the weaker leg.


User-Friendly Interface

24/7 Tech Support

Web-based Application

Accuracy & Consistency

100% Cost-Effective

Multiple Secure e-wallets

Payout Statement

MLM Report Generation

2. Investment Plan :
Earning from the Investment Plan is simple but maintaining the database for the same is difficult. The MLM speculation design is generally a utilized arrangement done by multi-level showcasing organizations. It cannot be denied that the MLM speculation design is not all that simple to comprehend for the new advertisers, notwithstanding with the old advertisers. It remains very challenging until today. Individuals need to put their resources on display to comprehend the criticality of the market. That is why we need to comprehend the MLM speculation design profoundly. The MLM Vibes Investment Plan software simplifies the complete process and collates the data at one place.


10 to 15 web pages of Multilevel Marketing / Networking Website

Multilevel Business plan and income/incentive/reward Details

Investment Plan page, About and company Overview page and contact page details

Online joining/registration Form and Login Details

Investment Plan and Overview Details

Auto Sms and Email system

3. Helping Plan :
Helping Plan is about helping other networkers like giving them a gift or donation. The Helping Plan which is also known as Gift or Donation Plan is commonly practiced in various MLM software companies. It is one of the popular plans available in the MLM industry. But more often than not the Helping Plan is considered as a scheme to help others than an MLM plan. The networkers who joined the Helping plan have been largely benefitted in terms of earning huge profits in a comparatively short span. Typically, the MLM Helping Plan or the MLM Gift Plan means, when the networker helps another networker and gets multiple help from others in return.


Donor Management

View at A Glance (All Input/ Output Details)

Manage Storage Fund

Manage Help Link Auto or Manual

Manage One to Many and Many to One Request Send Help Link

Bank Receipt upload facility

4. Matrix Plan Software :
As the name suggests, Matrix Plan is a grid that has settled a number of lines and segments. Individuals in this arrangement are sorted out in a specific width and profundity, along these lines. Grid design is also known as a Forced Matrix Plan or Considerably Step Plan. There are two different grid-based structures which are generally utilized, and they are either – 1-2-4-8 (2×2) or 1-3-9-27 (3×3), along with exemptions like 2×3, 3×7, and so forth. A paired arrangement is usually a 2×2 lattice. However, there are organizations which additionally apply 4×4 framework structure or even a 5×5 lattice structure contingent upon their prerequisite. The alignment of individuals in a Matrix Plan is done serially start to finish and from left to right. Just like a twofold arrangement, there are settled individuals in this. In a Matrix design, when the bleeding edge is topped off, the recently enlisted wholesalers are put further in their downline – a position which is accessible. By and large, wage circulation for lattice design can be a pre-characterized sum per part per level simply like an era design.


User-Friendly Interface 24/7 Tech Support Web-based Application Accuracy & Consistency 100% Cost-Effective

5. Generation Plan Software :
Generation Plan is thought to be the most grounded among all the pay designs. As the name suggests, it portrays an era or a lineage. It is also referred to as a Gap Commission Plan or Repurchase Plan. In this arrangement, all the coordinates of a solitary support are considered as the principal level of the support. Moreover, the individuals included can have “n” number of coordinates. To clarify better, if “An” is the support, at that point his era will incorporate each one of these individuals – A1, A2, A3… who hold measure up to rank in the system. As the system develops, coordinates can likewise support “n” number of wholesalers. The forte of this arrangement lies in its development wherein it becomes greater evenly than vertically. The stream is from left-to-right and starts to finish. The circulation of salary too is attempted according to the era levels. The pay for per part is settled by its level.


Web-based Application Accuracy & Consistency 24/7 Real-Time Access User-Friendly Interface 100% Cost-Effective Member Management MLM Report

6. Crowd Funding Plan :
The MLM Crowd funding Plan is the most well-known and the quickest developing business today all across the globe. Any individual can set up their own Crowdfunding business and can procure a large number of dollars in a short span of time. MLM Vibes gives you the best electronic Crowdfunding software to oversee and control your Crowdfunding business. Group subsidizing business needs a gathering of individuals who are looking to make a hefty amount of money in a short span of time. Every last individual will give a short measure of cash and they will get heaps of cash with their endeavors.
The MLM top pioneers can begin their own Crowd subsidizes business with their own particular group of organizers which give a tiny sum and they get a bunch of assets with the Crowd financing business.


Accuracy & Consistency

24/7 Real-Time Access


Interface Quality

Customization Affordability

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