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5 Most Successful MLM Businesses in the World

MLM Business is not a new concept but the acceptance level it is witnessing in the recent times is overwhelming. This scenario has not always been the same. Multi-level marketing always came with a negative connotation, until recently when the struggle and success stories of a few bold risk takers changed the scenario. Back in the past when multi-level marketing was not well accepted by the masses, there were still a few brave players who believed the transformative power of the multi-level marketing business model and dared to change the way businesses were done. Following are a few brilliant examples of perfectly chalked out strategies and equally perfect implementation of them for the multi-level marketing business.

1. Amway

One of the oldest players in the MLM business, Amway has time and again proven that you can win hearts and make a place for yourself when you have the best products in your basket. People are not fools to be fooled by marketing gimmicks and at the end, the product quality matters the most. When you have the best quality products, trust follows. And Amway has always banked upon its products and served well to its consumers. The wide range of products, ranging right from beauty to home care to nutrition to personal care, is another reason why Amway has been successful over the years.

2. Herbalife Nutrition

One of the most successful multi-level marketing business of recent time is Herbalife. As the name suggests it focuses primarily on the nutritional products. Their main focus has always been about promoting healthy living and including the right kind of nutrition in your body on a daily basis. This simple approach helped them reach every nook and corner of the world. Collaborating with the big celebrities and implementing the right strategies has helped Herbalife ground its feet in the market.

3. Oriflame

The Swedish brand is another product based multi-level marketing success story. The top quality beauty and hygiene and skin care products by Oriflame has helped it become a famous name in the cosmetics industry. Oriflame not only understood the importance of the quality of the products but also the need of keeping its peers motivated by offering lucrative rewards and compensations. This contributed immensely to the Oriflame success story.

4. Tupperware

Tupperware is yet another brand that has carved its MLM business success story through quality products. The first of its kind products which could have been easily considered a luxury are now a household name. Every kitchen now has the Tupperware products right from storing to dining. Promising products and a properly placed marketing strategy, Tupperware rightly targeted the housewives and stay at home moms to market its products while giving them working and earning advantages at theirs. This became one of the determinant factors that made Tupperware an MLM success.

5. Avon
Avon is another popular brand among the female population. It has grounded its roots in the market with its natural beauty, personal care, and hygiene products. Known for quality and value for money, Avon has proven itself to be a go-to brand for the classes as well as the masses. The rewards and the bonus received has attracted more and more people to join the network and benefit from it. The reasonable pricing has helped Avon reach the tiniest corners of the world and work effectively.

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