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4 Essentials of Successful ICO Marketing

Running a successful ICO is not a piece of cake. It not only keeps you on your toes but it is also demanding. For an ICO to be successful and its promotion to be effective it is vital that all the pieces have to fall into place with immaculate precision or the project is at the risk of failure. All the ICO projects are all about the technology used. While we are out worrying about the promotions the core team is focused on solving the real-world problems but rarely understand the complexity of marketing a successful ICO.

But as a matter of fact, successfully marketing a project is just as important as developing real-world solutions. Also in most cases, right marketing and promotion is the determinant of the success of the project. Having an enthusiastic audience who will understand and appreciate your idea is crucial because even the coolest innovations fall prey to oblivion.
With this blog let us take a look at the 4 essential aspects that need to be considered for your ICO marketing to be successful. Once you get a hang on cracking these you can water the success of your project.

1. Strategize
A good strategy can determine the making and breaking of your project. This is where most of the times things go haywire. You cannot chalk a strategy right before it comes to marketing. The strategy has to be prepared right before the project is in the development process. It can simply be by just letting people know about it and generating curiosity among them for your project. No matter what you’re making, the project needs to be clearly expressed in a way that is understandable and relatable to your audience. Here are a few pointers that you should consider while making a strategy.
-The Pain area
-The potential solution for it
-Who will benefit from it

The crux of a great marketing strategy is that it intellectually allures your audience, and also makes a deep emotional connection with your project.

2. Content
What you write and how you write about your products are the factors that determine how your audience will perceive your project. Content has always been and will always be every marketer’s most powerful tool. Designing, implementing, and executing a complete content marketing strategy is imperative. This defines the way that your project will be looked at and determines the power of your message. Content today has a broader scope than it has ever had. It comes in many shapes, sizes and forms like blog posts, Social memes, Infographics, videos, press releases, etc. Exploring and perceiving these

3. Collaterals
After your strategy has begun shaping, you need to start preparing your core marketing collaterals. The most essential ones are White Paper, Project website, Social media profiles, etc. And this is where you begin preparing to strike the market. While developing these collaterals you need to keep in mind the branding strategy and focus on it. This is how you project a professional image in the marketplace.

4. Audience Reached
The victory of your ICO must be considered not just in tokens sold, but also by the size, curiosity, and enthusiasm of the community you create throughout the entire ICO marketing process.
The long-term feasibility of your project rests on your ability to merge a relationship with highly engaged and keen supporters. To achieve this, A strategic methodology must be developed to achieve this that will allow you to focus on the reaching an audience on every platform like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. It is important to understand that your audience isn’t just defined by its numbers but you must also attract the right people to ensure giving relevant support.

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