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Creating games that excite

With MLM Vibes, you can build a stunning online game. Online gaming has taken everyday entertainment to new heights. With the development of new elevated technological and graphical components, online games keep getting better and more advanced. MLM Vibes is equipped with all the skills and expertise required to develop and produce spectacular games that are visually impressive and function smoothly on multiple platforms.

Enhance your reality with AR games

Augmented reality (AR) games are games that include animated elements in a reality based screen. Pokemon Go is the best example of an AR game that perfectly brought animated gaming elements into everyday natural layouts. AR games have major potential and capabilities that will appeal to a wide market. AR games are taking over the world with applications ranging from entertainment, education and more.

MLM Vibes can help you create some of the most advanced, customized and visually spectacular augmented reality games that are guaranteed to amaze and fill your audience with wonder.

Choose MLM Vibes and bring to life your dreams of a magnificent AR game with our creative and innovative solutions.


AR games give users the exciting experience of virtual reality. With MLM Vibes, you can take your audience on countless
adventures with our amazing services.

Sports games

Sports games utilize AR elements. Our team of developers create fun AR games that allow users to play and dive into their favourite sports like cricket, hockey, basketball and more.

Geo- location games

Location games like treasure hunts that involves moving around and other such features are also possible with AR games. These games feature graphic elements superimposed on real life locations.


MLM Vibes works with a creative team of developers and animators to provide the best possible
AR gaming services imaginable.

Advanced designs and development

Our teams of developers and animators work together to bring to life amazing fantasy elements with great coding and game development capabilities.

Full testing
and maintenance

Any and all glitches or bugs within the games are duly tested and resolved to ensure that your game works flawlessly.


We create great AR games that are perfectly compatible for all mobile devices and for seamless usage on Android and iOS systems.

Ready to create your own gaming platform?

MLM Vibes is ready to take on any challenge and deliver full end to end gaming solutions and efficient processes.